Gnomish Adventure


Lord Rivan's Treachery

We woke in Dragonshade to find stitches gone without a word or trace. After questioning GW he told us he’d been sent by the Council of Druids to deliver a secret message to him. I figured he’d been called off on some business, and we decide to keep on with our quest.
Within the Toad and Stool, a local bar, we spoke with some of the local guardsmen. One of them pointed us to a local Lord, Rivan, who is known to hire adventurers to search local ruins.
His estate is located about 30 minutes outside of town, in a partially collapsed tower growing out of the base of the DragonJaw Mountains. When we arrived we were greeted by some of his guardsmen, who ask us to wait until the Lord is ready to see us. They seem harmless enough but something about their demeanor seemed off, as if they were on edge, maybe expecting someone else? We sat around the central fountain and awaited our summons.

Lord Rivan has asked us to deal with a Kobold problem they’ve been having. They’ve been able to stop their raids with minimal loss but can never get them all before they scurry off into their hidden tunnels. As time has passed their attacks have become more frequent and he fears that if he doesn’t find a permanent solution to this problem they’ll become emboldened a become a true threat. As we agree to take the job and toast to our good luck, I feel a stranger stupor take over me, and I know treachery is afoot. My whole world becomes darkness.

I awaken in a large cavern, stalactites line the ceiling. Theres two braziers in the distance, and a large stone door beyond that. All our gear has been taken from us. Devlin used his divine powers and could feel many evil sources moving along the ceiling. As we look around the room we find a few rusted weapons to arm ourselves, preparing ourselves for whats to come. A chant slowly builds up in volume in the cavern, first as a whispering in the background but now I can hear it coming from within my skull. I quickly look over the door, trying to figure out how to get us out, but I know our time is running out. Kobolds begin to descend down upon us. We fought through nearly two dozen of the filthy beats before we had a chance to get out bearings. Once we’d scavenged what we could from their bodies i began to try and open the giant stone door in front of us. My first attempts to pick the door with some bone hair pins failed, but once i tried to use my electric powers the door budged and began to open. Within was a chained Blue dragon, static but still ferocious. As the door opened he howled with rage, sending a bolt of lighting at Devlin which knocked him bac with force. Seeing no other choice we began to move in the other direction, eventually finding a gate at the far end. GW managed to steal a keyring off the guard and open the gate, and we quickly took down the guards waiting at the bottom. Now we prepare to climb the stairs back up and see where else this adventure takes us.



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