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  • Elbulder

    The city of Elbulder, at the fork of the [[River Arran]], is seat of the [[Chondalwood Council]].

    Elbulder is probably the largest gnomish city in the world (certainly the …

  • Torsch

    The furthest North settlement of the [[Shaar Kingdoms]], and major crossroads town before [[Hardcastle]] at the far Eastern edge of the [[Chondalwood]]. 300 miles SouthEast on the [Old Road] from [[Elbulder]].

  • Addershade

    Mining town on the southern slopes of the [[Adder Peaks]]. A relatively poor town that has risen to prominence and prosperity due to a mining rush. The party owns a small shack and a business license with the entity that's doing the mining.

  • Tri-Cities

    The Three Sisters of the [[Vilhon Reach]]. The three cities of [[Illjack]], [[Samra]], and [[Shamph]]. The Wordwall along with an ancient temple are located in the center between the 3 cities. Also in the center is an area devastated by magic from a …

  • Adder Peaks

    A small mountain chain in the east of the Chondalwood. [[Addershade]] is located in its foothills and the southernmost [[Menhir Stone]] is located at the bottom of a dungeon deep in the mountains.


    Only major city on the island of Ilighôn at the mouth of the [[Vilhon Reach]]. When mentioned by [[:captain-steelon-brackish | Captain Brackish]], [[:grout-pebblekin | Grout]] remembered he'd heard that this place is bad news and filled with scum and …

  • Phent

    Home of the [[Great Obsidian Palace]]. Without this essential landmark, Phent would be nothing but a minor mining colony, exporting most of the flint found in adventuring packs to the world at large.

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