Menhir Stone

Menhir Stones are components of a magical device or location. Arranged in a specific pattern, they can be used to create various magical effects. (An example of such a thing can be found in DMG2 117-118)

The Ancient’s Great Circle

This is a Menhir Stone circle that spans a large distance. Individual stones have been found near Addershade, The Tri-Cities, and Roberts’ Island.

They have a number of known traits:

  • Magical Transportation to other Menhir Stones or Ancient Transport Devices.
  • Remote Senses (Luckso, via experimentation, was able to see from one site to another).
  • Spellcasting – When the Addershade Mehir Stone was first encountered, a giant spider was summoned from it.
  • Activation – The party (and possibly ‘The Halfling’) have been able to ‘activate’ the previously inactive stones. Doing so, they are greeted by an Ancient Message.

Menhir Stone

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